Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jamie, je t'aime

Dear Jamie,
Let’s meet up by the red telephone booth at the corner of Madison and Grand
From there we can go to our favorite Deli,
where we can eat French fries dipped in lots of ketchup and mayonnaise

“What will you do when you graduate?” ask I.

“Move into Osaka, and watch the Sakura trees blossom.”
“Or enroll to an Ivy League university, so that after I graduate, I can apply to a prestigious company and get handsome salary.”
“Or perhaps I’ll go to Tibet, and becoming a monk.”
“But I’m always curious to try joining the United Nations Volunteers and helping Darfur refugees.”

“But definitely not staying here, because my dreams are too big for this town.”

Oh wait, I hold my breath, why didn’t you tell me that before?

Because Jamie,
I always picture you as someone who I have always wanted to share my life with,
Who will hold my hands and hug me close whenever I needed familiar warmth,
Who will be the first person I see each morning when I wake up.

Can’t you see Jamie,
That’s always the way I feel about you and me.

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