Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not a Starbucks Addict

Being a self-acclaimed Starbucks addict, which many of my close friends would no doubt agree, I never thought I would find - well, online - these two guys : Mark Malkoff who visited all 171 Starbucks stores in Manhattan in one day, and Winter who has been on a personal mission to visit EVERY Starbucks stores in the world, who were by far outweighed my so-called Starbucks addict.

I guess, comparing to those two, using picture of me holding up a grande-size cup exposing Starbucks logo in full view as my Friendster's primary photo, or collecting 20 stamps in order to get Starbucks' limited 2007 time-planner (and by doing so spending US $ 65 for lattes in a single month), or setting up various appointments for casual meetings with friends at any closest Starbucks stores, or submitting a 3000 words essay on Starbucks Summer Writing Contest 2006, does not count as being a Starbucks-addict, does it ?

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Cinthya said...

Starbucks addict? What about Coffee Bean? :)