Saturday, August 18, 2007

It All Started With a Phone-call

Last Thursday (April 14th) while I was in a break of shooting between episodes of "Your Face or Mine?" game show, suddenly my 'official' cellphone (i.e. one of my three handsets) rang. Thought it was from someone at the office, regarding its caller ID (the number).
Well, it was true from someone at the office, but my previous one.
The headquarter office of a national TV station, famous with it's variety show, the one with "that gay guy of arisan!", and a stripping sitcom featuring a bajaj-driver with his salon-owner wife and a witty-old mother-in-law.

He (my friend who called me, that was) asked me some updates on my life (which has nothing new, beside a confusing (miss- ?) communication with a flight attendant-slash-freelance model-slash-new friend, which of course I would not mention at that time), and I told him everything was fine indeed.

Then he asked me to write more, because according to him, he likes to read what I wrote. Funny, since I wrote in such 'places' that I'm sure he does not have access to (such as my alumni restricted mailing-list).

Yeah, anyway, he asked me to start writing a blog of my own. On Friendster's blog.
Well, it did not mean that I had not think about it previously. In fact, many times.

But my own very personal reason is that I don't have enough time to write stuffs regularly.
And I don't really feel into things regularly. I get bored often. And quite fast.
That's why I never finished the 1000 pieces puzzle my sister gave for Christmas present which I started rearranging two months ago.

Also "The English Patient" novel Astrid brought me from Perth which I started reading four years ago. And who knows for how long I will (or can ?) maintain this so called Friendster blog of mine ?

Let's see, because I myself am so curious to find it out.

So, Chip, thanks for your call and that hilarious chit-chat we had. Because of those sincere attention, I started this blog from today.

And for you, guys and girls (*trying not to sound sexist*), friends, if you have any slightest interest in me or just like to read ANYTHING that I feel like to write down in this blog, I wish you "Happy Reading!", and enjoy !!

[Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta. Originally posted in MarkO's Friendster's blog, April 20th, 2005. 6:47 PM]

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