Monday, October 1, 2007

Superman Returns ... Who Cares?

Watching Superman Returns (2006) reminded me of the basic personal reason(s) as why - for all these times - I can not enjoy superheroes movies.

This latest Superman installment directed by Bryan Singer and written by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, showed serious deficiency of real emotion, romance, and most of all, logic (as you can read here, here and here).

I sat inside the blackened theater for two and 1/2 hours and forced my mind to concentrate fully on that movie, and unsurprisingly somehow along its way, it successfully numbed my mind for the rest of that night.

At least Poseidon had something quite entertaining to offer its audience in its first forty minutes.

Too bad when Parker Posey, often dubbed as queen of indie, finally got her part in a major studio's summer release, she ended up as a comical character with such ludicrous name like Kitty Kowalski whom has such IQ of mexican jumping bean, an immaterial role that would surely going to be easily forgotten by movie-goers worldwide. Sigh!

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