Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What ?! Who?! Me?! Jealous?! Huh?!?

Last weekend, while I and some close friends were hanging out sipping lattes at our favorite café, Bradley – whom I oftenly refer to as Gorgeous Bee – told me a surprising juicy gossip about this certain woman.

The freakishly mad woman, I should say.

He said she told him that I am jealous of her intimacy towards Delon Thamrin and Evan Sanders.

Oh My Goodness!
I’m jealous of who … ?!?!

Ha! Ha! Ha!
That was the most stupid gossip about me I have ever heard. So far.

I knew that she knew them since they were nobody (or so she said).
And yes, I also knew that she was there when they finally made it to stardom (again, so she said).

But witnessing her dangling around those two pretty boys when they already have so many people, especially pretty chicks, orbiting around them, moreover when she acted like one of those groupies, with eyes glimmered with hope that any of those two guys would pay any special attention to her, really made me sick.

Because to me, by acting like that she made herself looked very pathetic.
She made a fool out of herself. And out of me ...

Because she asked me to accompany her to those occasions when we met both guys, and considering that that was the least a good friend can do, I agreed.
But to see her lour herself as one of those groupies, really turned things worse.

I thought, “You can do that whenever, wherever, and in any which way you like, woman. But one thing for certain, you were not supposed to do that while you’re with me.”

And then after the said incidents, I told her that.
But I didn’t tell her that seeing her acting like that made me feel really sorry for her.
Because to me, and perhaps also to others, that made her look ridiculous silly.
And I just don't want to fall pity for her.

Because I know if I played honesty to her, by telling her the real reason, it would hurt her more.
Like she usually accused me of.
Like she had always believed I did those certain things in purpose.

Girl, how can you be so stupid?

Because if you read this now, you would find honesty in such a way I believe it will hurt your feeling even more.

I will tell you here and now and just for this once, so please pay attention closely:
I never feel jealous of you and your ‘so-called-intimate-relations’ with that out-of-tune Delon, or that overtly-self-conscious Evan, or even to our mutual friend, Gorgeous Bradley, whom told me this thing about you which gave the idea to this writing.

Never. Feel. Jealous.

Not yesteryear.
Not yesterday.
Not now.
Not tomorrow.
Not even in a million years.

I just hope – after reading this writing – you would stop make a fool out of yourself.

{ Original article of What?! Who?! Me?! Jealous?! Huh?!? was originally posted online in my now defunct Friendster’s blog under the title of Who?! Me?! Jealous?! Huh?! on March 14th, 2006, as a second part of The Anti-Malicious Girl Campaign 2006 }

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