Friday, May 22, 2009

When Google Confuses

Sometimes, if you have questions burning in your mind, googling for their answers might not be the best solution.

Like what I experienced just now.

I was curious about the history on voting systems and processes from some countries around the world, so I typed ‘male voter’ into the Google’s window query.

A little trivia: Do you know that Indonesia is one of a few countries that allowed women to cast votes in their very first election ever held in the history of these countries?

Anyway, the results of my query were quite surprising. Among the expected descriptions and links, there’s an entry that caught my gaze once I skimmed over. It was : “Tips and Advice on Anal Sex”, which offers “... check list of the five things you need to know for a good, safe, pleasant anal sex experience”.

Uh, no.
I won’t give you the URL link here. Google it yourself if you’re really that interested.

I wonder what ‘male voter’ and ‘voting system’ has to do with ‘anal sex’.

And now if I have this question about how Google works, whom I should consult to? Wikipedia??

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