Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Under The Darkly Night Sky

I have been walking lonely down this empty street tonight
I don’t know what is wrong with me
I have sung Fix You for myself to hear
But this voice trembled harder long before the end
The clouds cover up this darkly starless night sky
I don’t know what is left of me
Somehow I just don’t know what is right with me

Tried to keep my distance
That is what I have done lately
I have besmirched all our memories
But there will always be a trace of you inside me

I still remember some ups we had
You and me laughing at Spongebob and Patrick and the peculiar inhabitants of Bikini Bottom
You tried impersonating their quirky voices just to make me laughed harder
But the ones that tickled me much were your innocent childish smile
And those deep wells on both sides of your cheeks shown each time

And I fell in love with your calm assuasive clear eyes
How they led my battered and bruised self found the serenity within your soul
I will never forget how you pulled me towards you hugged me closely saved me from walking carelessly too close to the edge of sanity
And catered me security
And made me confessed indirectly that it was with you that I fell so much in love of this kind for the very first time

And then you whispered in your sweet husky voice,
“Don’t leave now. Because I need you just as polar bears need Arctic’s ice.”
“Let me in. Because I want to share this warmth within me so that you’ll never again feel that winter in your soul.”
“Hold my hand. Because you’re too precious to ever let go.”
“Stay with me. Because I love you as the night loves being accompanied by the stars and the moon.”
And each time I cried inside, you just knew
“Hush now. I don’t want you shed your precious little diamonds.”

I believe God sent you all the way from His beautiful Garden
As a true sign that He loves me that much
And how I felt so much blessed

But maybe those darkly starless night skies were changing you
Nights before we could ever met for the first time
And even though they put radiant diamonds in your eyes for me to admire at nights before I fall asleep
I will never understand why the same darkly starless night skies gradually changed your heart
To be as cold as those stones on the bank of the solitude lake we visited last monsoon

And I always thought we were going to make this through
You love me love you what else do we need?
“Nothing, just the two of us,” that was your answer the first and also the last time I asked

Yet still I wonder naively,
What things will hold together the loose knots of our relationship?
How I wanted to hear if first from you before holding my hand and lead us walking our life
If in the end you me go,
How many days am I going to regret you?
How many tears am I going to shed for you?

And how vast those darkly starless night skies I am going to look up to and not thinking of you?

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