Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Disco Will Not Be Here to Stay (Neither Will You)

This is where we’ve come to
After all these things we’ve gone through

This time I’m taking it away
It is you who have got a problem

I see you are lost in so many different ways
When the problems getting in the way

You told me they made you feel like being left out in darkness
Alone, by yourself
Where no one is around to help you
While in fact I was actually standing next to you, yet
To your eyes

Do you know that love can easily come and pass you by ?
Do you realize that it can hit you hard and then you realize,
that it’s already slipping through your fingers out of your hands ?

But you just don’t understand

So this time I’m taking it away
So you won’t have to see the elevating pain,
As the hurt turns into hating

My mind’s done with you and everything about us

But still I have this one question burning inside,
“Since I’m here to stay, can I just throw you away?”

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