Monday, March 2, 2009

The Life of Me

Time never waits for you. It just never stops.

It was just last night when it suddenly dawned on me that it’s already March of 2-0-0-9; and I haven’t write a single page of the first draft of my so called adult novel. I can make a list of reasons why I failed to compose at least a paragraph, but hardly able to consider it as serious barrier to even make a start. Simply put, I was just too lazy.

I should have take lessons from the movie which I watched last night, Das Leben der Anderen. The writers of then East Germany faced constant scrutiny from the secret police, Stasi. Yet, the most rebellious of the league always tried to put down in words whatever they had in mind, and found ways for it to be published. Even if their writings can cost them their dearly lives.

While I spend most of my times sit in this comfortably air-conditioned room, listen to any songs I like, and read any books or papers I can lay my hands on, not even a single page I produced for the past couple of months. Yet, I constantly remind myself that my mind is still ripe with these brilliant ideas that can be turned into literary gold. And that translates into best selling novels.

Talk about procrastinating. The only person I disappointed with this laziness is me.

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