Friday, June 13, 2008

And I’ll Just ... (Walk Away)

I don’t know for how long I have felt that
There’s a deep river of tears inside I need to cry
Been holding back for years and perhaps will always be
But that was when I think there’s no future without you

There’s a high mountain so great its altitude I need to climb
To encourage me wipe away the hidden fears
And on its top I feel like home because
Solitude and loneliness has been the only true friend of mine
Even when there were you to fill my days

Who knows where I am going, or
Does tomorrow belong to me?

But that was then and
This is me now
As I’m turning my back on sadness and emptiness
I decide that it is now to leave them all behind

Strength will be by my side
Even though I feel afraid but
I know it’s already too late to say goodbye
We know there’s nothing left to say to each other

I will walk this path
This time with my head up high
I will walk away with pride, just me and myself

I have nothing left neither to regret nor to hide
No tender moment to hold because we had none
And those tears you once saw flowing down from my eyes
They won’t be there ever again

And I’ll just walk away from us

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