Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Blog, Or To Nap? That's The Question

A friend asked me in private message sent through Facebook, why I stopped updating my blog.
I told him I didn’t. I just put my entries up on hold. They’re all there, lining up chronologically in “Draft” section.
The reason why it seemed I was in hiatus is because I was pretty much busy with my work. (Do I hear someone yelled, “Booo! Lame excuse!”?) But hey, that’s true.
My works were pretty tight up choking me, and if I do have some time to spare, I’d used it for ... sleeping. Yes, I read somewhere that by sleeping, one can burn more calories than sitting behind his/her office desk and running his/her fingers on the keyboards, i.e. typing. My belly is getting rounder by day, so I guess I’d just sleep it off.
If you hear some strange purring noise near my office desk after lunch time, please not to worry. Probably that was just me snoring while napping.

Oh and about the hiatus thingy, actually I did create some short writings. They’re what others labeled as microblogging. If you don’t know what I mean, check my Twitter account.
And somehow I just know that this friend of mine in no time upon hearing my reason would certainly asked me: is microblogging count as regular blogging?

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