Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where Did Nebbercracker Go?

Have you seen Monster House ?

It was a funny-yet-spooky animated movie about an old-creaky-scary house that swallows.
Yes, swallows. Because it has something of tongue-like that can catch everything stupid/poor/sad/unlucky enough to set foot upon/standing/just be on its lawn and extended on to the sidewalks.
Also because the house has teeth and a uvula that works just like humans', so basically the house in question really eats, which makes it even scarier.

But after finished watching this movie back in September 2006, I was indeed left curiously wondering whatever happened to Nebbercracker, the doomed house owner, when all the missing things and characters emerged from the big hole left from the then demolished house. Everything and everyone, but him.

Where did Nebbercracker go from the pit of his former house?

Can anyone -really- tell me?

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