Tuesday, March 18, 2008

C'est la Vie

Last Saturday night, two different girls and another guy who don't know each other, asked me out on a ‘date’.

Diane asked me to accompany her on a 'wedding-date', because she doesn't like the curse of the singles' table ever happen to her. She even insisted on lending her ex-husband's designer's suit when I told her I have nothing decent and classy enough to wear for a wedding ceremony that is going to be celebrities-studded and full of A+ guests in such a plush place.

Simone asked me to escort her on her friend's birthday party in a hip nightclub which will be followed by “only God knows what”.

Chip told me that he's up to whatever things that will please me and make me happy and enjoy the long night as long as I keep him in my company.

Three generous offers.

Which one I decided to go to and who were the less-lucky persons that I gave "NO" as an answer?

Apparently, no one.

Turned them all down by saying that I already made a promise a couple of weeks ago with an old-time friend.

In which, technically, I lied.

The situation was that I asked a girl-friend out for a midnight show of a highly-anticipated action movie but she failed to respond my offer, by not returning my calls nor replied my text messages. Later I found out that she was out of town since Thursday evening for a family-related matter.

Such irony.

By refusing the three offers – and since I don't want to make a fool out of myself by telling any of them three that I decided to change my mind and go with his/her offer instead – the only choice that was left for me to choose from (well, it was actually not an option then) was the least I expected to do over a Saturday night, that was to accompany Eric watching his most favorite TV show, Kontes Dangdut TPI.


- This writing was originally posted on June 22nd, 2005 -

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