Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Wishes and Dreams

Within those long nights when everything seems to go wrong
I had these strange dreams that keep recurring
That I hid behind this certain thicket fence
And see the world through different eyes
It rushes and left me alone silently watching

I need someone to help me figure these dreams out
What they mean when they kept rushing right through my life
And let me playing with my tears before they dried in the sun

It seems like years
I don’t think you will ever be coming back for more
At first I was afraid to set you free
Even when I know that’s the way things should be

Now let me kiss away the pain of our old memories
And stop trying to make sense of everything
Just look beyond ourselves so we can survive
Through the dreams and reminiscences

If you still have doubt, let the night decide
Because I still have this one wish,
To kiss you tenderly to sleep

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