Friday, July 18, 2008

What If?

What about having some nice espresso brownies and vanilla latte or decaf cappuccino at Starbucks? What if you opened your papercup lid to cool your cappuccino faster, so when you drink it its froth stayed on your upper lip forming a white mustache? You still look cute with that silly soup-strainer and you made me laugh by making faces until my eyes watered.

What about kissing your tender lips inside the car while we’re in the parking lot? I was whistling “Young Folks” when you whispered my nickname in such husky voice I turned around and stopped, lips still mouthing O. Your sexy thoughts flashed in your eyes I can see you burning inside. What if I told you that only by looking at your wet cherry lips I knew that all I want to do was kissing you right there at that moment?

What about lying together side by side on this white beach sands eyes gazing at the blue cloudless sky? The sun just rose the wind brought the salty taste of ocean air. Turning my head looking at you, sleeping soundlessly your smile widened. What if it was not me who was running around in your dream would you tell me that honestly when you wake later on?

What about your promise to be back here by my side to celebrate your birthday privately, just the two of us? You knew too well I can not cook anything but instant noodles, yet I tried hard to prepare your favorite pasta just to make you happy, to see you smile cheerfully. Because no matter what others may say about it being tacky, all I want to do in this world is to make you feel happiness with me.

What if I never let you go to your office that day?
What about staying in bed and cuddling for a little bit longer that day?
What if I made love to you in the shower which would definitely make you to arrive late to your meeting?
What about taking alternative routes just like what you usually did everyday so you wouldn’t be stuck in the daily traffic on that highway?
What if you forgot to bring your cellular phone which you left on the coffee table, and then you return just to pick it up?

You would still be here beside me.
I would never felt this kind of shocked watching that news.
You would still call me at noon just to make sure whether I already had lunch or not.
I would still find you in our place waiting for me to return home after working way until late.
You would still need me to go with you to bookstores and coffeehouses on weekends; “Just for the atmosphere,” like you always said.

I would still have you, you would still love me, I would hugged and kissed you a lot, you would still demanding more.

We would still have – and love – each other.

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