Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is You & I Now

Sitting here together for the first time in years
I can not understand why
It’s hard to remember how it felt before
How we felt before

Now I found the one that I love
Everything passes more comfortably
Life seems much easier to enjoy
Smiles show up easily

Things are getting right
For us both
This time

After all the obstacles we’ve tried to overcome
It’s good to see you now
With someone else
If not learning to love
Sharing things together with him
Holding hands while walking
Looking at each others eyes
Deep and meaningful glances exchange
Mutually understanding without changing any single word
Just like what we did back then

Back then we used to think “now” was hardly possible
But “now” all our worries gone untraced
Memories seem like so long ago
Shared sadness feels like non-existent
Time surely kills the pain

Do you remember the white beaches and the splashing waves
And the seagulls screaming above us under the bright cloudless sky?
The dreaming days were gone
Look at how we became
We have changed but we’re still the same

And now we’re hanging out with your new boyfriend
So far from where we have been
To me it’s such a miracle that
You and me are still good friends

After all that we’ve been through
Now, we are cool

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