Monday, August 4, 2008

If The Photographs Worth Millions ...

People and Hello! Magazine was widely reported has paid US $ 14 million in order to secure a deal for publication rights of first exclusive photographs of Vivienne Marcheline & Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt, the fraternal twins of ‘The Hollywood’s Sexiest Couple’, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Those photographs later on were published in People’s first week of August 2008 special double edition issue. Looking at these family pictures which were spread in 19 pages, would give you a sense so sweet and ethereal, ones that definitely make you go Oohs and Aahs.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz following these coveted celebrity babies’ photos before I posted this, but it turned out, before agreeing on giving the rights to People and Hello!, the Jolie-Pitt couple also successfully nailed an agreement with those two magazines to no longer refer to Jolie & Pitt as ‘Brangelina’. Nice move.
Or perhaps this was because Angeline never likes her name comes in second after Brad’s.

If only that amount of money paid by People and Hello! was invested in some businesses, or Angelina & Brad just deposited it all in a bank, Vivienne and Knox each would be worth more than what Paris Hilton will get from her inheritance.

But in reality, it was reported that all payment went for charity under Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
Imagine how many students could get free education from primary level until they graduate from college, if only Jolie-Pitt Foundation use that amount for scholarship in the Third World.
Obviously, I don’t know in what field this Foundation works in, but hopefully they really do use that money for helping others. Just like what their spokesperson said.

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