Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Curious Case of Coincidence

One of my very best and closest friend broke up with his boyfriend.
It happened last night.

I just found out less than ten minutes ago. And it was accidentally, when I discovered that he's not listed in my Facebook. So I asked him what's wrong with his account. And that's when he dropped the unpleasantly surprising news.

Now I guess that explained my nightmare, which troubled me so much when I woke up this morning.
In that dream, my upper lip are bleeding and there was nothing I could do to stop it. When I felt a wave of panic rising from my abdomen, I woke up. Abruptly.

I completely forgot about that incubus because I was so busy catching up with deadlines and two meetings today. After all have set and finished, I logged in into my Facebook to read my friends newsfeed. I did this daily not only to keep up with my friends' updates, but also because I am now a (self-confessed) Facebook addict.

However, some unexplainable feeling made me checked on my best friend's account, of which I failed to find. Curiousity made me texted him for inquiries.

But I was not prepared for that kind of answer from him.

He texted me back, telling me that he deleted his Facebook account. Because he broke up last night. And that (supposedly hard ?) break-up made him feel uneasy towards the outside world. And now he just wants to retract himself from reality. Hopefully, for a very short time.

Guilty - eventhough only for a bit - is what I feel right now.

Because it was me who talked him out to end his rocky relationship with this guy, whom I also know. But I remember I told him that he should do it only in one condition, when he has come to the culmination point of uncertainty on where their relationship is heading.
This happened last Sunday.

Whether he really took my suggestion or not,
Whether I also am the one to blame here,
Whether his decision to call it off had anything to do with my nightmare,
... I really don't know.

My best friend promised he'd tell me the whole story tonight.

Now what I would hear from him, I can promise you, I won't reveal here.

Because I am not the type who kiss and tell.

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