Tuesday, October 28, 2008

His Pair of Angelic Eyes

We were taking a walk along the pond in the park
David and William and Michael and me
It was such a cloudy Sunday afternoon
The leaves on the trees moved and fell with the breezing wind
The birds were busy chirping on the branches of the trees
Yet we still filled the time with our cheerful chatter
When suddenly my gaze struck upon these two people
Standing face to face across the pond away from us

The moment I saw him again,
The one I used to know too well
I couldn’t stop my mind from the memories flowing back
How they hurt just to remember all the good times
Made me wonder whether he felt the same
Will the memories bring back the pain?

And that afternoon I clearly saw him
Holding hands together with this beautiful young girl
And the way he looked at her ...
Boy, it gave me shiver
Because he used to look at me that way

Probably I should walk right up to them and interrupt their conversation
And tell her, “Be careful, girl. It’s a game he likes to play.”

It was Michael who held my arm
Warned me by saying,
“Just don’t. Please.”
While David imbued,
“You have to get him out of your mind.”
And Michael added to it,
“You have to forget everything.”

I knew they had their point
Because once you set eyes upon his pair of angelic eyes
Just one look and you’re hypnotized
You will think you’re in paradise
But one day when you already went deep and it was all too late
You’ll find out for all those times he wears a very good disguise
While his only intention is to take your heart
In the end it’s you who have to pay the price

Still I managed to whisper to the wind
Hoping the breeze will carry it across the pond and drop it to her ear
And right in time she could hear
What I sincerely hope she would never do

“Girl, for whatever reason, just don’t look too deep into his pair of angelic eyes.”

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